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Implementing crypto solutions since 2013

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The Journey


Bcomm’s co-founders Martin and Fred learn about an exciting new technology gaining attention called ‘Bitcoin’. The potential of the technology is clear to them both early on and start a company with the goal of  transforming the financial services industry.


Martin and Fred are approached by an industry contact to do some research into Bitcoin as a potential payment processing solution.

They spend the next nine months learning and researching everything blockchain, Bitcoin, and traditional banking.


Their research reveals a strong market demand for a viable alternative to current payment processing solutions.
Martin and Fred set to work on the idea of combining the technology of Bitcoin with traditional payment systems. They start designing and testing an in-house payment processing implementation solution with a secure offline wallet and accounting system.


Responding to the needs of their rapidly growing clients’ needs, a Blockchain Analyst is hired and begins developing and delivering courseware certification to companies wanting to train up their compliance staff.


Fred and Martin decide to offer an additional service designed to assist merchants convert their payment ecosystems from fiat to cryptocurrency and hire a Payment Operations specialist.


Bcomm experiences rapid growth and more and more services are added. A Compliance officer tasked with helping businesses keep regulators and banking providers happy and a Trading Operations expert with previous  experience in FX trading is added to the team.


Bcomm is a fully licensed financial services consulting company specializing in providing digital asset and cryptocurrency expertise, recommendations and solutions to prospective clients, helping businesses plant their flag in the future of finance.


Bcomm provides extensive expertise for a broad range of financial services and products across the entire development stack. Bring your vision to life with our realistic roadmaps suited to meet your specifications and development goals.

Leverage our team of dedicated in house interdisciplinary industry experts and give your project real value by harnessing Bcomm’s expert advice, design capabilities and innovative industry specific solutions.

We have a decade's worth of experience and expertise in implementing, sourcing, and integrating service providers and are able to provide pragmatic solutions in the following areas...


B2C payments


B2B payments


Fiat Banking






Blockchain Analytics

Fiat Banking

Treasury Management




Mining pools

For more information or to further discuss the full range of services we provide, please contact us via email at

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Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental